About Us

Who we are

We are a team of interior designers who have worked for 6 years in the industry before Galaxy360Pro™ was born. As designers, we often find ourselves trying to exceed clients' expectations while being challenged by the same request - to give a high end designer look at a fraction of the cost. Working together with our valuable clients, we embarked on a magical journey to develop the Galaxy360Pro™ Projector.  


Our journey

Our team created Galaxy360Pro™ Projector with friends and family in mind.⁣ From the design to the projection, it was created to be perfect for every occasion. Galaxy360Pro™ Projector is everything from an eccentric space that brings with it a sense of adventure, experimentation & discovery.

- Matt Mullenweg

Our vision

In this modern world, many are accompanied with a busy life. Countless letters to write, appointments to keep and places to go. With our creation, we hope celebrations come easy for everyone to spend time together and appreciate precious moments.